A slim stand-alone wallet that starts with the idea that you have an iPhone X in your pocket.


About your pocket

The Wallet for iPhone X addresses the smart phone pocket bulge. By designing a wallet the same size as your phone, it slims down what you carry in your front pocket. It's made with real leather and has a sleek aesthetic that's at home with new phone design such as the new iPhone X. 



Letting a wallet for iPhone X be a wallet

We're interested in making accessories that don't add bulk onto your phone or compromise how you use your phone. The Wallet for iPhone X from Nedrelo doesn't attach or add a bulky case onto your phone.  We want your phone to be a phone and your wallet... to be a wallet. 


A matching accessory... for any phone

The wallet for iPhone X from Nedrelo is designed without distracting branding or logos. It has a premium feel that matches the aesthetic of an iPhone X, or any new smart phone. 


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